Why Signature Elite Windows?

Signature Elite windows stand apart from the rest. As you may have seen there are MANY choices and every company will tell they’re the best. We could offer any window model, but we do not want to throw 1000 options at you and tell you to pick. It’s our job to understand the window market and make recommendations that will provide a top quality result. We’re here to make shopping for new windows as easy as possible.

Signature Elite double hung windows in white with grids and transom windows above.
Signature Elite double hung windows with transom windows above

Most important advantages of Signature Elite windows

  1. Slim frames to maximize light
  2. Upgraded hardware to maximize durability
  3. Very low air infiltration rates for a tight seal
  4. Wide range of efficiency, color and style options
  5. Warranty backed by a billion dollar company

Of course there are many other great features too. Here we’re focusing on things that differentiate this product from other higher end vinyl windows.

Things like virgin vinyl frames, welded corners, double strength glass, plasticizers and micro-ingredients in the vinyl, many layers of low-e glass, upgraded spacers and more are all included in this design. They’re also pretty common in other higher end windows so we’re not going into a lot of detail about them here.

We are available to answer any questions about those features or any others.

The windows are really nice. I wanted a higher end solution and these windows are perfect. They work great and feel really nice.

Adam and Kate – Greensboro, NC

1. Slim frames to maximize light

Some vinyl windows (including some “premium” models) will use very thick frames which can provide a bulky look that isn’t attractive. This model was specifically designed to solve that problem. Here you can see how slim the frames are when the windows are installed.

Signature Elite double hung windows with wood grain interior and internal grids.
Signature Elite double hung windows with interior woodgrain and matching grids.

This is something that some people may not consider when they’re shopping for windows. Then, once the windows are installed, the house feels darker. This is caused by thicker vinyl frames blocking more light.

Signature Elite windows provide more glass area than other replacement window models.
Slim window frames maximize glass area

Here you can see how that looks in real life. These two windows are the same size, but the one on the left provides more visible glass area, and more light, than the one of the right.

They’re able to use the slimmer frame design by reinforcing the sashes with a composite material that adds strength and doesn’t compromise efficiency. The result is a window that is just as efficient and just as durable with more glass area that allows more light into the home.

2. Upgraded hardware

Window hardware is often overlooked because it’s something you can’t really see and most people don’t know much about the different types anyway. However, the type of hardware in your windows can make a substantial impact on their durability and long term performance.

Upgraded balance mechanisms used in Signature Elite windows.
Three common types of window balance mechanisms

Here you can see the common types of balances. The spiral balances on the right aren’t really used much anymore, certainly not in any nicer windows.

The constant force or coil balances shown in the center are still relatively common. You’ll see them in many budget priced windows, but also sometimes in more expensive offerings. The downsides to this option are plentiful.

For example, they can be prone to dirt buildup that increases friction, they’re not field adjustable, precision placement is required for proper operation, there is little margin for error when it comes to matching sash-weight, corrosion is possible from certain chemicals and they can get noisy or start “chattering” which is not ideal.

The Signature Elite double hung windows will come with the block and tackle balances shown on the left. This hardware mechanism solves all of the above issues and more. It’s the quietest mechanism on the market, it provides a smooth operation with low friction, there’s not dirt build up, it’s hidden from view and no adjustment is ever needed.

Best of all this type of mechanism is tested to last 2.5 times longer than the cheaper constant force mechanisms. The block and tackle balances are cycle tested to more than 10,000 cycles which equivalent to opening and closing the window once a day every single day for 27 years. They’re a very durable option and they’re the premium choice when it comes to windows like this.

The windows are beautiful. Our old windows hardly even opened and the new windows are so nice. Really glad we upgraded.

Cindy and Jason – Greensboro, NC

3. Very low air infiltration rates

Air infiltration (sometimes called air leakage) can be a very important aspect of your window project. Luckily all windows have air infiltration rates that show you how much air can get through a window at a certain windspeed when the window is closed and locked. The process for determining these ratings is very strict and very uniform across all windows.

Signature Elite windows offer very good air infiltration rates to make your home more comfortable.

Here you can see how that difference can impact the performance of the windows in your home. The Signature Elite double hung windows achieve a 0.04 air infiltration rating which is significantly lower than the industry standard.

As you can see in the graphic above, you’ll get nearly 10 times more air though a window that only meets the industry standard than you will through this model. A tighter seal makes for a more efficient and a more comfortable home.

Casement windows and picture windows will achieve even better air infiltration ratings than the double hung models because efficiency has been designed into the entire product line.

4. Wide range of efficiency, color and style options

Another important advantage of the Signature Elite product line is the wide range of available options and configurations. Sometimes smaller manufacturers will only offer a few options. They might call them good, better, best. In reality they might be the only three choices available.

Signature Elite windows are available in a wide range of interior and exterior colors.
Popular interior and exterior window colors

This isn’t great for the customer because different projects require different solutions. For example, a customer in Phoenix will typically benefit from a different glass option than a customer in Maine. One wants to block the heat from the sun at all costs and one wants the sun to warm the house during a long winter.

This wide range of options allows us to recommend packages that make sense in this specific climate. You’ll see those options listed on our itemized price list. It also allows us to offer upgrades or specific options that a smaller manufacturer might not be able to produce.

Beyond efficiency, the color and style options can also be important. If you need to match a grid option to satisfy your HOA or if you want to use a black or bronze exterior color for a modern look, there are many companies that won’t be able to help.

The wide range of options allows us to suggest a product and a configuration that can achieve your goals, so you don’t need to compromise.

5. Warranty backed by a billion dollar company

Windows come with a lifetime transferable warranty from Gentek in most cases.

The warranty is an important part of a window purchase and it’s important to have confidence that the manufacturer will be around for the long haul. We’ve been in this business for a very long time and Gentek, the manufacturer of these windows, is part of a company that has been in the building products industry since 1947, over 75 years and counting.

They currently operate 5 US window manufacturing plants plus siding plants, metals plants, and vinyl extrusion plants. They have over $1 billion in annual sales and they are a very substantial company.

During our time in this industry we’ve seen many smaller window manufacturers come and go leaving all of their customers with no warranty and no access to spare parts. This is a situation you want to avoid. It’s also a situation we want to avoid. We’re in the happy customers business and a good, strong, reliable warranty from a solid company helps to create happy customers.

Much more info available

If you’re looking for more information on any window features or options or if you have questions about how this model compares to any other let your window expert know.

Manufacturer’s brochures and literature

Other helpful information

Ask us any questions any time and we’ll be happy to help with as much information as you could possibly want on any possible topic. We know shopping for windows can feel a little challenging. We’re always here to help make this process just as easy as we can.

From here we can make unlimited revisions to your quote, answer any additional questions and get your project started as soon as you’re ready.

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